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Contact Management - Project Organizer - Social Channel Controls 
Stock Image Repository - Mass Email Campaigner - File Sharing - Virtual Offices for Staff

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Amazing key features

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Communicating with your Contacts has never been easier. Simple email drip campaigns along with mass emails can be setup quickly to put in motion a steady stream of updates with your customers.

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Virtual Offices

Staff are assigned to FUEL virtual offices. Contacts are in their offices. Specific email templates and project details centered around those contacts. File folders are assigned to the staff and their offices.

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Easily assign tasks to staff members. Set recurring task so you know nothing will be missed or forgotten. Staff can communicate and post back to the group reguarding the tasks at hand.

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File Sharing

Sharing files within FUEL saves time and organizes your efforts. Stock images, project files or personal images assigned only to you works to keep everything in one location.

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Managing your social media efforts will be at your fingertips with FUEL. Easy access to your social channels will give you daily opportunity to post, read and respond to other users on your channel.

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Managing projects within your organization is simple and easy with FUEL. Assign staff members to various tasks for the project, track milestones, share files relative to the project or task.